Nueva Esparta, three islands of the Caribbean Sea, that offer to their visitors, in the middle of a tropical climate, all type of facilities and attractions for your Maximun funn.

The Margarita Island is the greater one of a set of three, that is the Nueva Esparta State of Venezuela. They are located in front of the mainland on the nourth side of South American, in waters of the Caribbean Sea, at 11º North and 64º West.

For more than a quarter of century, the Margarita Island is acquiring an strong personality in the Caribe as a point of attraction for national and international visitors. Since the beaginning of the Free Port, the are dealt (Tax Fee) merchandise of all type and worldwide. This powerful attractiveness allowed that other aspects of the island like history and natural beauties, began to be available to its visitors. The facilities of all type increased and improved to international category as a tourist-recreational site of great preference, at he national and international level.


Isla de Margarita
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